best eye makeup removerHi everyone!

Ok, so all this talk about makeup has inspired me to blog about a very important topic found at the opposite end of the spectrum:

REMOVING the makeup!

What cannot be argued is that removing your makeup, and specific to this particular post -eye makeup- is extremely important!!!

Not only for the comfort factor (obviously), but the overall health of your skin!

Makeup that’s not removed will clog pores, potentially cause acne breakouts and when it comes to the eyes, you will risk irritation and even eye infection. No thank you!

But like a good moisturizer, how do we know what really is the best eye makeup remover?

Is there ONE brand or one solution that is better than the rest?

Traditional liquid solution:

  • There are sooo many of these products on the market, and sometimes it’s just a matter of finding one you like. It’s the typical cotton ball or Q-tip method. Maybe you’re a fan, or not? I personally don’t prefer this as the fibers of the cotton ball tend to irritate my eyes and I find that I need to constantly soak on more and more solution in order to get all the makeup off.


  • These days, pre-moistened eye makeup remover wipes or pads are very popular… and for good reason! They’re a quick and very easy solution (and of course perfect for travel.)  But are they the most affordable? I doubt it. But one way to get around this is to cut them in half and they’ll go double the distance. Depending on how much eye makeup you have to remove, a whole pad can sometimes be too much and ends up being wasteful.


  • There’s lots of talk about homemade eye makeup removers out there, and if you’ve found a secret recipe that you’ve grown to love, let’s hear it!

Olive Oil:

  • This I gotta try. What I’ve learned is that you can either warm the oil or leave it room temperature, and using a cotton ball just wipe away as you normally would. To remove excess oil just dampen a cloth with warm water and gently wipe over the eye until it’s all gone.


  • Gotta love grandma’s old tricks. Vaseline is another very affordable and popular eye makeup remover and gentle on the skin. Just apply using your fingers, being careful not to get it into the eye. Like the olive oil method you can remove any excess with a damp cloth.

The Challenge!!!

Many of us who wear a lot of eye makeup need something that gets all those layers off. Yes I’m talking layers!

  • layers of mascara
  • multiple eye shadows
  • primer
  • waterproof products
  • glitter eye makeup
  • the liner in the waterline and of course around the out etc.

You see! It is a BIG job to go from “glam to gone”, so I’m curious… what’s your remover of choice?

Your input and advice is as good as mine, or may be better! Leave me a comment and let’s share our tips and tricks!

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  • Anonymous

    So, currently my regime is using Sephora makeup remover pads followed by washing my eyes in the shower with L’Oreal skin genesis pore minimizing gel (a face wash that’s also a fantastic eye makeup remover). However, I think I’m going to try the olive oil!!

  • Hellooobeautiful

    Olive oil! This is the only natural chemical free eye makeup remover that works for me. If you do try it, make sure it is Extra Virgin olive oil. Highly recommend!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t wait to try this Heather! Thanks for your comment:)

    • Anonymous

      tried it tonight Heather, worked like a charm! Used evoo, ha:) and talk about CHEAP!!! lol!

  • Mandy

    Nothing beats the Neutrogena wipes in the blue package! It will take off all 3 layers of my mascara without ripping out any eyelashes or making my eyes irritated! Hands down the best remover ever.

    • Anonymous

      good to know Mandy! Yeah and that’s super important for me too, can’t afford to waste any eyelashes!! lol

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