Hi sun-lovers!  I want to share with you my Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 15 lotion review as I have been using the moisturizing body lotion for almost 2 months now and wanted to share my thoughts with you before summer is overrrr! Wait, I TAKE THAT BACK!  Just because the “summer” months are soon coming to an end does NOT mean we don’t have to be conscious of the sun’s harmful effects on our skin. Year round it is so important to wear an SPF lotion on the face, neck, and chest (and well anywhere there is exposure).

So for my Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 15 moisturizing body lotion review I will share my pros and cons list below so be sure to read to the end:

eucerin daily protection spf 15 moisturizing body lotion review

Here, straight from the bottle itself, is the list of the active ingredients:


eucerin daily protection spf 15 moisturizing body lotion review


  • made for sensitive skin
  • formulated as a body lotion but with SPF and very moisturizing
  • fragrance-free
  • the pump – this is just the freak in me and to think that the pump would be a “pro”, but I honestly like that it’s a large flat handle, so when your hands are greasy with lotion it’s easy to handle, LOL!
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • UVA + UVB Protection

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating SPF reviewCons:

  • it leaves a tacky residue:( – unfortunately it feels more like a sunscreen than a body lotion… so for me I have to say that although I believe Eucerin’s products are very good for sensitive skin I prefer how my Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating + SPF 15 lotion FEELS on my skin.
But to be completely honest with you I am still on the hunt for an even higher SPF body lotion – something with a 30.  And I am also on a big “natural” kick, so I am being more picky about the ingredients in all of my face and body products. So in saying that I will definitely have to return to update this page once I do, and if you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know!!!

eucerin daily protection spf 30 moisturizing face lotion review

Now, the company was kind enough to send me 2 bottles to review:

The 2nd bottle I received is their Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion SPF 30 which I have only used a couple of times as I prefer to use a different brand… BUT my husband has been using it and he loves it! He golfs outside a lot and so a face lotion with SPF is essential for him. His skin is fairly sensitive too and this does not cause him any troubles. His review is definitely a positive one, and being that I examine his skin all the time (oh the joys of being married to a product junkie) I can tell you it’s been fine for his skin! lol

If you’re interested in Eucerin you can get FREE samples and try it out for yourself by going to their Facebook page and taking their Eucerin Skin First Pledge! If you wand to follow me GlossAndGlitz on Facebook then please do as well!

Before I go…

  • What body lotion with SPF do you use?
  • What face sunscreen is your favorite?
  • Do you wear SPF every single day? (I will be honest I do forget at times;)

Thanks for reading!



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    Hey Doll!!!!
    I’ve missed you!!!! I finally got my computer back a few weeks ago and Ive been trying to redesign my blog. I love your new blog look btw :)))


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      Oh me too Kell!!! I need to catch up with your blog so bad!! Thank you and I’m actually not sure what the heck is going on with my design as it keeps going back and forth… totally a hosting issue or something but funny enough I prefer this version better too! LMAO!! Love ya! xoxox

      • http://beautyobsessed2.blogspot.com/ Kelly Crookston

        Don’t feel bad, Im so far behind with posting and re designing my blog. I cant seem to make up my mind when it comes to what I want. I have Adobe Photoshop now and I thought it would be great, but its a little hard to get the hang of so now its making things more confusing!! Ahhh!! lol.
        LOVE YA TOO!!!

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