Knowing how to get clear skin during pregnancy is the first step to battling those hormonal blemishes. Unfortunately there are not a lot of acne treatments that are safe for baby, actually I can count on one hand how many, as opposed to the PLETHORA of skin care products out there that work wonders for our skin whilst not pregnant. The myth though is that there’s “nothing” you can do, and you’ll just have to “wait it out”. Talking to your doctor and/or dermatologist is one very important factor in helping yourself to look and feel better about your skin while you are pregnant (and while not!).

In my video I share with you my daily and nightly skin care regime that I currently use (writing this post I am 32 weeks pregnant). It is a slightly longer video (25 mins), but goes by fast when you’re interested and really WANT to learn. I am not saying I am a professional by any means, but what I have discovered and what I have to share I think can help a lot of women who feel that they are suffering with pregnancy acne.

Organic, natural and safe skin care is key, and there are certain things you do NOT want to use, and AVOID like the plague (retinoids, AHA’s, etc.) and I discuss this too.

I hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions or comments please leave them within the video, or here as a comment!

Janna xo

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