Here we go with Part 2 of my MAC review! If you aren’t already aware, I ended up winning an incredible Beautylish prize a couple of weeks ago, and am still pinching myself because I seriously never ever have any luck! Here is the tweet I received that informed me of my prize:

@Beautylish Tweet

How cool is that hey!!

BTW, I’ve reviewed this prize ($199.50 in value!) in 2 parts: skincare & makeup.  So click here for the MAC Mineralize Charged Water Skincare Collection review if you are interested in that as well!

MAC Naturally Makeup Collection Review:

OK, so MAC came out with this new Naturally line of makeup that has an emphasis of the natural, down-to-earth kind of sun-kissed finished look. With high-mineral products (i.e. Skinfinish and baked shadows) the makeup is very sheer, light and form what I’ve noticed, also metallic. The full line includes brushes (stippling and tapered), eyeliner, lipstick, lipglass, mineralized eyeshadow, blush and skinfinish.  Below are some photos of the products that I won:

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Blonde:

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Blonde

  • This palette is made up of 4 subtle shades of pinks that you definitely wouldn’t use independently.
  • It’s intended to be blended, and create a very neutral soft beige pink color with a bright highlight effect on the skin.
  • I think it would work beautifully as a highlighter, or blush even.
  • Because it’s part of the mineralize collection it is that really lightweight and buildable pigment. MAC describes this product as having a “high-frosted” finish.
  • I find that it does give that super soft shimmer, almost metallic sheen on the skin.
  • I honestly think it works best on skin that has few fine lines, small pores etc. because it actually shows these imperfections. I gave it to my sister who has 20 yr-old perfect porcelain skin!! ;)

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Redhead:

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish RedHead

  • Like Blonde, this is a palette of 4 shades.
  • However, RedHead in my opinion works more like a bronzer and if you really wanted just 1 of the 4 shades you could probably get your brush (depending on the size) to grab just one color.
  • It blends beautifully though, and has just that perfect touch of glow on my fair skin.
  • FYI, within this collection of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish there is also Brunette (did u already guess? lol)

MAC Mineralize Blush – Early Morning:

MAC Mineralize Blush Early Morning

  • This blush reminds me of like a deep terracotta that would be super bright, but it turns out to be a beautiful “sunkissed tan” kind of bronzed color that is very very buildable, although extremely pigmented, so be careful, but I am completely OBSESSED!!
  • Someone with fairer skin like me can totally get away with wearing this, and it’s not something I would normally be drawn to.
  • Basically it is as if I have been kissed by the sun, and just have that warm glow. I can’t wait to use it more this spring/summer.
  • The formula is super soft & silky, and lightweight.
  • And one more thing I love is that it definitely gives a matte effect on the skin and is not pearlized which is great if you’re worried about over defining fine lines and wrinkles.

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow - In The Sun:

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow In The Sun

  • This eyeshadow has 3 colors baked in the pan, but just 2 are most distinct: a burnt bronze, almost red, and a deep gold (the 3rd is a few splotches of a fuschia kind of pink)
  • The shade is just this gorgeous and would look STUNNING on brown eyes (which I don’t have, lol).
  • It picks up less evenly than Summer Haze, but since it’s a darker more dramatic color I think that the layering wouldn’t make this an issue – assuming you would layer that is, haha!

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow - Summer Haze:

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Summer Haze

  • This eyeshadow has 2 distinct colors baked in the pan: a bronzed gold, and a light champagne.
  • It applies as a golden highlight, just so pretty and shimmery.
  • Very subtle which is why I love it.
  • I could see myself wearing this as an all over lid, a brow bone highlight, or even just at the corner crease.
  • It’s so versatile… I love it!!
A couple questions, before I leave you…
  1. What do you think of these?
  2. Do you own any MAC makeup?
  3. What is your favorite product by MAC?

BeautylishAgain, a HUGE thank you to Beautylish for sending me this amazing prize package. If you have an account and want to follow my profile you can do so here! It’s a fantastic place to get honest info and reviews on every possible beauty product, and there is a general forum where you can be quite interactive with others in the community. Plus it’s free!

Thank you as always for reading and commenting!!


  • Caterina

    My fav mac product is Fix+ . Not really makeup but I cant live without it!

    • Anonymous

      Nice! Looks and sounds soo refreshing! <3

  • Marina Moreno

    Wow! Soo neat! My absolutely FAVORITE MSF is Redhead! I even posted about it on my blog recently! How funny! It looks soo pretty on everyone!

    • Anonymous

      Wow that’s awesome!! I am loving it too!! Thanks for the comment! xo

  • 484pink

    I luv the BLONDE,And In the SUN..How cool are these colors!! I’m not sure though,How can i get these colors?? I’m really loving all of these GlossandGlitz!!! Thanx so much,Marilee…

    • Anonymous

      If you’re interested you will be able to buy them at MAC!

  • 484pink

    Are they having a GIVEAWAY??? Well let me know glossandglitz,

    • Anonymous

      this was a prize I won, so nope, no giveaway:)

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