Michael Kors Baguette-Bezel Watch Rose Gold

Matching nail polish with rose gold jewelry is a must for those nail polish addicts like moi who are loving this spring 2012 jewelry trend.  Did you know that rose gold is actually a blend of gold and copper?  There’s your little fact-of-the-day… LOL!

Click Here to see rose gold and my mint mani:)

So… I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago for the very first time (amazing doesn’t even do it justice but like you don’t already know that!!) and ended up getting the new Michael Kors Baguette-Bezel rose gold watch that I’ve been obsessing over for months (actually my amazing hubby surprised me… awww;)

I’m so excited as I’ve been wearing the same watch for like 6 yrs so yes, it was due time!!! But I could have saved  lot if I got it on Amazon.com but I literally could not wait!!

And, naturally I wanted to make sure I found a matching nail polish that would look nice with my new rose gold.  The picture above was taken on Instagram, which I finally joined!  


I knew I wanted something that was a blend of a metallic/rose/beige/nude… if that makes any sense!!! AND one glitter polish for sure.  I actually had the intention of getting the new Essie A Cut Above – the pink shattered diamond glitzy glitter – but Target was sold out.  So… I ended up pairing up these two:

  • Essie Buy Me a Cameo - a frosted mocha, metallic that goes on REALLY nicely (1 coat even gets you by which was shocking)
  • Milani Disco Lights – a pink rose glitter polish (like most glitters: you def need 2-3 coats)

Essie Buy Me a Cameo Swatch

Essie Buy Me a Cameo Swatch

Milani Disco Lights Swatch

Milani Disco Lights Swatch


I think this Essie Buy Me a Cameo swatch and the Milani Disco Lights swatch is pretty close to what it looks like to the naked eye in terms of color but the Essie is even more beautiful than my photo shows.  As you can see in my notd, I went for glitter on the middle and ring fingers only – just for the fun of it, and I didn’t want TOO too glittery a look since it’s the watch that should really sparkle, haha!

Before I go, a couple quick questions…

  1. What do you think of this combo?
  2. Have any other favorites for matching nail polish with rose gold jewelry?
  3. Do you own Essie A Cute Above, and if so do you like the formula?

essie buy me a cameo swatchHappy painting!


  • Vickie Hoag

    I think that it”s a very beautiful combination! Gorgeous watch, Janna! Hugs….

    • Anonymous

      thank you! xox

  • http://inspiredbeautyblog.blogspot.com Jaimee

    I’m loving rose gold too! I have that essie polish and love it on it’s own but I also really like it with the glitter polish you showed :) Where is that watch from?

    • Anonymous

      it’s beautiful hey! so feminine:) the polish is so nice I love it. My watch is from Michael Kors. Thanks for the comment! ^_^

  • http://twitter.com/TBeautyBox Tristan Chabot

    This is so pretty! I LOVE Rose gold! Look so fab with your watch too :)

    • Anonymous

      thanks Tristan! <3 ya!

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  • http://twitter.com/Bittenhoney Bittenhoney

    Is this Essie only available at Target? They have the new metallics collection exclusive there and I swear I saw this shade.

    • Anonymous

      I bought mine form Target:) but I’m sure they sell it elsewhere too!?! Online u can try Beauty.com, Amazon etc. Good luck! it’s such a pretty color ^_^

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